Extension Course - Greek Instrumental Language

The proposal of the course offered by Professor Celso Vieira is to offer the general public the first step to acquire an instrumental ability to deal with the Greek language. Students will gain familiarity with the Greek alphabet and a basic vocabulary. In view of the interdisciplinary proposal, this vocabulary will be presented in such a way as to give an ability to recognize and work with the morphology of words. This will allow to recognize the Greek roots in the Portuguese language so important for the academic and scientific vocabulary. They will also have the opportunity to learn what a case language is by contacting the nominative, accusative, genitive, and dative. This ability will set the foundation for learning various other modern languages. Finally, contact with the Greek verbal system and the verb 'eimi' / ser will have the purpose of discussing the influence of a language on the intellectual path of those who use it. The method used will be ELLENIKA, from Professor Jacyntho Brandão that has the advantage of putting students in contact with original texts from the first lesson. In this, we will find excerpts from the New Testament, a central text in our cultural formation. In this way we hope that this first contact with the ancient Greek language reconciles pleasure and challenge as well as theoretical knowledge and the development of practical skills.


FILOSOFAR Project - Philosophical Reading and Research Workshops

PPGFIL develops the project "FILOSOFAR - Reading and Philosophical Research Workshops" whose objective is to promote an integration between the practice of reading, writing and oral exposition by means of the merge with the analysis of excerpts from philosophical texts with the proper textual elements of a research project. The workshops are aimed at undergraduate Students in Philosophy and related areas.