The Philosophy Graduate Program (PPGFIL), from the Federal University of Pará, was created in December 2010 and began its effective activities in August 2011, as a Master's degree in Philosophy, being the only one in the area throughout the North Region.

Recognized by CAPES, under the terms of Ordinance No. 84, dated 12/22/2014, and by the Ministry of Education and Sports, under Administrative Rule no. 694 of 06/13/1995, the Program is grade 3 in CAPES.

Currently, PPGFIL works in the Area of ​​Concentration in Philosophy, with two Research Lines: Aesthetics, Ethics and Political Philosophy; and Knowledge Theory, Epistemology and Philosophy of Language.

The objective of the Program is to train researchers at Masters level. It is hoped that at the end of the course, the student will obtain a theoretical deepening of philosophical questions pertinent to the Research Line in which he developed his studies, to guide and develop activities of research, teaching and extension in the higher education and high school level, contributing to the development of the region.