Philosophy Teaching Laboratory

Description: The Program uses the Laboratory of the Faculty of Philosophy to carry out teaching activities. This lab is equipped with an internet-connected computer, a 42-inch TV, a four-head VCR, a VHS camera, a DVD player, an overhead projector, a projector, a projection screen, a wooden bench, a wooden cabinet, 60 chairs, a micro system, DVD movies, a home theater and a whiteboard. The space is assigned to the Program in the morning, while the afternoon and evening meets the needs of the Undergraduate Philosophy course.


Center of Informatics of the Institute of Philosophy and Human Sciences / UFPA


Computer lab

Description: The Program does not have a Computer Laboratory; however, the students have the Computer Center of the Institute of Philosophy and Human Sciences, located in the upper floor of the Institute. The Computer Laboratory is equipped with 30 computers connected to the network to attend the students of the Undergraduate and Graduate courses of the Institute.