Concentration Area: Filosofia


Research Line: 

Aesthetics, Ethics and Political Philosophy

It contemplates the research of questions pertinent to the field of Aesthetics, Ethics and Political Philosophy, in distinct periods of the History of Philosophy. The researches in the area of ​​Aesthetics, with insertion in Philosophy of Art, include the approach of themes on the question of the beautiful and its different modes of expression and production, as well as on the role and function of art, in the scope of culture and in its relations with other fields of knowledge. In the area of ​​Ethics and Political Philosophy, the research is focused on classical themes of practical philosophy, concentrating on the approach of problems and conceptual structures within the framework of moral and political philosophy and their interrelations, as well as their unfolding in contemporary thought. 


Research Line:

Theory of Knowledge, Epistemology and Philosophy of Language

It involves research related to the field of Knowledge Theory, Epistemology and Philosophy of Language, from Antiquity to Contemporaneity. Approach of the classical questions pertaining to each of the fields, with a research and orientation scope in the Philosophy of Science and Metaphysics areas.